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Edem & Govan – Eagle [Cigarette Music]

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The latest release from Cigarette Music finds label artists Edem & Govan presenting two fresh collaborations. Based in Rome, the duo have been primary contributors to the Italian imprint since making their label debut in January of 2018. Their deep, sultry sounds have found their way into the hearts of electronic music fans around the world, and while going on to record three additional EPs and two singles for the label, Edem & Govan have also had their music licensed to Complex Textures, Groovematics and Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings. Now returning to their comfortable home of Cigarette Music, the duo present their 'Eagle' EP.

As time has gone on the creative synergy between Edem & Govan has only gotten stronger and the title track is just further proof of that. Backed by a framework of broken beats, organic drums and choppy rhythms comes mystical atmospheres and radiant themes. Warm overlays coupled with muted pianos makes for a soulful and ever-evolving seven minute storyboard. It’s a production which comes from the heart, timeless in execution and one to cherish for special occasions either on the dance floor or during a home listening session.

The companion piece 'Marshall' lowers the tempo a touch for a more conventional dance floor approach. Beginning with tepid beats and ghostly refrains, the energy comes up a touch as the chunky groove drops in. Layers of drums build in organic space while gentle swells and fragmented atmospherics trail across the framework. Tight tonal design adds further fuel to the rhythmic fire, locking down a friendly dance floor swing, before a series of piano motifs further elevates musicality and mood. Groovy and emotive in equal measure it rounds out what is an impassioned EP from Edem & Govan, furthering the sentiment that they are very much leading the way for a new breed of deep house artists coming out of Italy. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Hnpi7W

Release Date: 16-08-2019

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