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Abuk feat. Maurice Kaar – Lioum [SURRREALISM]

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The young Argentinian talent and rising star of electronic music returns to reign supreme on his fetish label with a selection of tracks purely for the dance floor. Gespona tops it off with his unique and genuine skill.

Realms kicks things off and goes straight for the jugular. Abuk shows his cards from the first bass drum and imposes his law with an imposing rhythm. Percussions that drill the eardrum incessantly to accompany a vocal that leads you to the abyss through a euphoric melody. An explosion of sensations for the beginning of a reign.

Kerten maintains the tension. The synthesizers begin to carburize at a frenetic pace. A vocal with a nineties feel riding over a dynamic rhythm that gives no rest. We find ourselves face to face with a production of clear intentions. It's time to let yourself go and enjoy Abuk's legacy.

Lioum comes with a star guest. Maurice Kaar returns to Surrrealism to add his touch of authenticity and show his class. When 2 talented minds have the dancefloor in their sights we can expect nothing but venom in their productions. Raising the bar with every beat, creating the tension that only they know how to create. Stop taking pictures and enjoy.

Gespona comes to Surrrealism with all his credentials. Following the line of his faithful partner and bringing the finishing touch to this spectacular show. Taking the shine off every element of Realms he has been able to sign a piece of high carat. Forcefulness and elegance are the common denominators.

Artwork by Nuria Baena. She surpasses herself in each production, creating works of marvellous fantasy and subtle execution. A tenebrous castle perched on a rock of pure gold, wrapped in an environment of darkness and mystery. The music accompanies and the imagination transports you.

Buy: bit.ly/3CWBusC
Release Date: 07-07-2023



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