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Upercent – Nuquelar [TAU]

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One of the TAU family's prodigious talents, Upercent, returns for a four-track expedition into the creative expanse of his brilliant mind. Uper- cent's unique sound, blending organic with synthetic and unorthodox effects, has captivated dance floors around the world. Unsurprisingly, his ability to weave stirring melody and emotive storylines into his productions has led to releases with Innervisions, Kompakt and Watergate, as well as several outings with TAU. With Etapa Plena, Upercent further solidifies his distinct sound... The EP opens with 'Tranqui Tronco', a nifty roller driven by dense percussion. A repeated vocal motif appears as the intro guides the listener into the first breakdown. Upercent's use of unusual sounds and effects demonstrate his unmistakable sonic fingerprint, as the cut increases in vibrancy. Another breakdown raises the temperature even higher and the track rolls out with the same contagious, driving rhythm. 'Nuquelar' follows, with a deep tribal rhythm oscillating at its core. As we dive head first into this cut, hefty drums and a range of urgent chimes and instrumental licks add depth. Warped vocals are also looped into the fold, creating a cacophony of odd sounds as Upercent carefully builds the tension with a huge breakdown. The energetic release brings us back down to Earth with the persistent rumble of booming drums taking the track to its conclusion. The penultimate cut is 'Tempesta', another dark and dense composition. Upercent's talent for keeping it simple yet engaging, and just that little bit different, is evident here from the very start. This cut's dramatic narrative keeps you locked in, as the percussion especially plays out a capti- vating story. A moment of peaceful reflection is injected at the midpoint, before we're immersed in sonic theatrics once more. Moody drums and solemn bass giving this one its gloomy atmosphere. Finally, 'Ruta' closes the EP with its insistent energy. In typical Upercent style, this cut develops in a considered manner with layers of sound building steadily, cultivating a sinister atmosphere. The voice of a maniacal character enters the fray halfway through, accentuating the unset- tling vibes. An ominous tone pervades throughout, leaving the listener fully immersed in the dark side as the EP comes to an end...

Buy: bit.ly/Tau046
Release Date: 28-07-2023



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