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Feature: Ramiro Lopez [Interview]

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We caught up with the Spaniard techno-revolutionary Ramiro Lopez to speak about his early days in music, daily routine and a final stretch of the year marked by his return to Suara with the throbbing and hypnotic four-tracker “Sweating” where connected for the very first time with the unique British artist Theo Nasa.

When did you start producing music - and what or who were your early passions and influences? What seduced you most about techno, clubbing music and electronic sounds?

I started around 16 years ago. By that time, my biggest hobby was already DJing but I felt that I needed to express myself deeper and started to produce. I haven’t stopped since then. My interest on electronic music began listening radio shows and Music shows on TV. But when I really felt in love with this was the first time I visited a club and watched a performance live.

Ramiro is back now on Suara’s imprint with “Sweating”. With the record label as a base, how would you define your evolution as an artist let’s say since “Digging Deeper” in 2015 until now? Can be said both are great releases, but at the same time with a very different concept…

First records I bought and electronic music I played was techno. Then I started to feel more and more attracted for the tech house both playing and producing. Nowadays I´m feeling more techno again, darker, harder than years ago but I like many things so I can go from more raw to more melodic or groovy.  I try to produce what I´d like to play.


Let’s focus on your brand new “Sweating”. What could you tell us about the creative process for the 4 original tracks included in the EP? How did you manage to work with Theo Nasa?

There is a selection of tracks I´ve been playing for months. Testing and making changes in other to make them more effective. The last one I finished was in fact, the track with Theo. I discovered him by Instagram and I felt instantly his talent. He is a special guy, so passionate about music. I love his reviews of releases. So I decide to ask for some vocals to try. And liked the result. Good connexion so you might expect more stuff coming In the future.

You’ve worked for many other labels like Drumcode, Intec, Noir Music… what’s been your proudest moment to date?

Probably my first solo EP on Drumcode.  That was my main goal for years and worked focus on that every day. A collab single EP on the label along Coyu came first and I was so happy but I needed to have a proper EP 100% by myself.  I cried by joy when finally signed.

We’re not going to forget of course you’re label: Odd Recordings. How things are going with this sonic adventure you decided to start in 2016 along with a techno pioneer in India as Arjun Vagale…?

Really proud of how is the label doing.  We are celebrating 3 years en January.  I think the label is established now; we have our own sound, image and way of doing things.

We do our best for every release and take care of the music and artists. Arjun and I started doing everything by ourselves but now we are very lucky enough to have Antonio as label manager. I think we are the perfect team now.

Have there been any big-name DJ’s supporting your music, and from those people, who are the DJ/producers that inspires you the most? Why?

I could say first big name supporting my music was Carl Cox: I ´ll never forget the first time I saw him playing my tracks (3 in a row) at Space Ibiza and met him.  And also I´m very grateful with Adam Beyer listening and signing my music for Drumcode.

Apart of these 2 gems, there are many people inspiring me nowadays. Artists making different and quality stuff like ANNA, Wehbba, BEC, Rebuke, Joyhauser, Truncate, Anfisa Letyago, Frazi. er and many other that come to my head.  Lot of talent out there!

By the way, how do you maintain your mindfulness with such a demanding tour, directing a label and production schedule? Do you have a certain routine? How important is in all this food, physical exercise or family?

Whenever I´m at home during the week, I usually wake early and staring the day with some meditation and Yoga exercises. Working till afternoon. Then I go to the gym or swimming for and our and back to the studio for few more ours. Before 11 pm my batteries are totally empty.

Food is very important for me as well and I try to eat as healthiest as I can. Lately, I´m trying to keep a vegan diet during the week and feeling better. I´m a foodie and I Love to eat everything so 1 or two days, I´m having other “less healthy” Stuff…

Ramiro on the road: in the last year, what places, cities or cultures have left a particularly positive impression on you?

Every place has good things to remember! I´m in love with South America.  The food, people's energy, the way they feel the music. I have a very good connection with them. I had the chance to play in B My Lake Festival en Hungary this summertime. Was a great experience and also took advantage to spend a week with friends visiting both this country and Austria. Beautiful.

I played in Zurich end of summer. I had been playing there before few  times but always in winter. This occasion was totally different. The streets were full of life, with lot of activities open air, Loved it.

Of course is always a pleasure to play in my own country: Spain. I feel very loved here.

What’s next for you?

I´m working a lot in the studio so expect new stuff in 2020. Can´t wait for the first part of the year. I´ll be in South America in January again. And already have very exciting gigs till summer.  I´m sure next year will be a big one!

Thanks for the interview and Merry Xmas to all!

‘Sweating EP’ is out now on Suara, you can purchase the release here: https://www.beatport.com/release/sweating-ep/2786587

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