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ENØS – Eternal Roamer [Oddity]

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Following their standout track “Asgard” on Odd Echoes Vol.1, ENØS now present the full spectrum
of their productions for their debut EP on Oddity.

Brothers Michael & Derek Harnischberg, showcase their characteristic melodic, dark and energetic sound through their ̈Eternal Roamer ̈ EP. The title track represents the duo’s sound very clearly, with gently rolling drums, atmospheric textures and a recognizable main hook synth. The haunting melody will catch your ears and repeat in your head.

On the remix duties for the lead track is Yubik, who’s no stranger to the label. On his 4 AM resurrection, he takes the main track to a darker and deeper realm, with a twist of grooving 4x4 percussions and some epic pads.

Next up is ̈The Healer ̈ which was included in the latest stream of label bosses Fur Coat. Probably the most energetic track of the pack, filled with driving stabs, worthy of any peak time moment in a DJ set.

To round up the EP, they deliver two magnificent melodic cuts. First ̈The Picture ̈ which slowly builds with their quirky main arp, until it drops down into some warm synth stabs, making a complete banger. Lastbut not least on the package, is ̈The Profane ̈ a very rhythmic cut, showcasing their ability for their trademark synths and sound design.

“Eternal Roamer” is a debut EP that will not disappoint and showcases the talent and bright futures of these talented brothers.

Buy: bit.ly/35bL4I1
Release Date: 13-11-2020



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