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Dahu – Cataphract [Radikon]

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For catalog number 20, we are very excited to welcome back Radikon mainstay and groove master Dahu with 'Cataphract', an extremely strong 4-tracker that showcases his unique talents and inimitable style.

The title track 'Cataphract' delivers a peak-time thunderstorm of infectious drums and a high-pressure bassline that makes it impossible not to move. Rending leads shatter the air with distorted yet melodic thunderbolts. This is pure, distilled sonic energy and a perfect exponent of why Dahu's club tracks are some of the most sought-after amongst Berlin's finest.

'Watch You Burn' combines growling basses and wistful melancholy with hypnotic grooves. Its uniquely textured sound design will capture your imagination and stay in the air with you long after the track has ended.

'Nothing to Something' changes tack, slowing things down a little while maintaining a pulsing, primal atmosphere that slowly builds and builds bigger, all the way to a climactic apex that challenges you with polyrhythms and sneaky deviations from the 4-4.

'Somewhere Safe' is journey's end, a return voyage home, and the artist's most personal track of this EP. Here, Dahu's melodic percussive signature melds seamlessly into pads charged with emotion, yet restrained by his unique ability to say so much with so little. It is uniquely intimate and offers a glimpse of that which is seldom revealed.

Dahu is prolific in his own way. Productions are few and far between, but hit with a calculated force born from years of pushing musical boundaries. 'Cataphract' is a brilliantly diverse artistic journey that raises the bar once more.

Buy: bit.ly/375Czzq
Release Date: 23-10-2020



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