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Active Child – Johnny Belinda (Pablo Bolivar Celtic Soul Remake)

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We've assembled an all-star crew of artists to remix an incredible original by Active Child. Everyone truly brought their A-game, and the results speak for themselves. Many timeless dance floor moments are sure to come from this release.

MDK is a new project by someone responsible for some of the most iconic tracks in the past 10 years. The man behind it is none other than Matthew Dekay. Joining him is another legend, known for his emotional and unique approach, someone taking a no-compromise approach to production and sound quality, a man that needs no introduction – Stimming.

As chance would have it, a couple more of our dear friends wanted to join this project, upon hearing about it, quickly turning it into a mini-album. Dave DK's Pacific Ride is a melodic journey, while his stripped down Topanga Dub goes into darker territory. This one will be right at home in the desert or a warehouse, just the way we like it. Pablo Bolivar rounds things out with a serious four to the floor jam, alongside a nostalgic ambient version that serves as a perfect closer to this remix EP.

Original artwork by Jeff Sullivan.

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Release Date: 30-04-2018

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01. Active Child - Johnny Belinda (MDK Remix)
02. Active Child - Johnny Belinda (Stimming Remix)
03. Active Child - Johnny Belinda (Dave DK Pacific Coast Ride)
04. Active Child - Johnny Belinda (Dave DK Pacific Coast Instrumental)
05. Active Child - Johnny Belinda (Dave DK Topanga Dub)
06. Active Child - Johnny Belinda (Pablo Bolivar Celtic Soul Remake)
07. Active Child - Johnny Belinda (Pablo Bolivar Rainy Ambient Version)



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