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Weird Sounding Dude – Arcade [Juicebox Music]

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Weird Sounding Dude returns to Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music this week for a five track artist showcase. Based in Bangalore, India, Abhijith Hegde aka Weird Sounding Dude has had an interesting career. Dating back to his first release in 2013 he’s been underappreciated globally to an extent but in his home country he's played some of the top festival's such as Sunburn, R.E.S.E.T, CTRLALTDANCE and Krank, while sharing the decks with Jimpster, VAAL and Dauwd. His releases on Bullfinch, Stripped Recordings and Traum have all been quite fresh sounding and now he embarks on perhaps the biggest project of his career in ‘Arcade’ courtesy of Juicebox Music.

As a label I think if you're releasing five original tracks you want the collection to be pretty diverse and Juicebox has certainly achieved that. Abhijith's sound has always been drifting from traditional progressive to deeper and more melodic techno as well so he's an ideal candidate for a showcase like this. The title cut is likely the most thematic with a distinctive lead which dominates the break. Grandiose in a way but the unassuming, almost minimalistic framework keeps it from sounding big and overblown. 'Spectral Sculpt' presents a deeper sensibility with lovely beat layering and pixie-like melodies drifting in and out of the framework. Trippy and emotive in equal measure it leads perfectly into 'Boundless' which lowers the tempo for an even deeper and dubbier affair. This is based on pure flow and a gorgeous atmospheric resonance, which peaks as the main break comes to an apex as clattering drums push forward into the final act. The journey continues with 'Under the Moon' which would have to be considered the most techno oriented creation on the collection. It's deliberate and driving groove is powerful but the track also presents one of the EP's most poignant moments with a glacial drift taking centre stage during the second act and stealing your heart in the process. A heady track and one for the true electronic aficionado's out there. The release concludes with 'Blue in Grey' which once again shifts the narrative into deeper territory. The hazy, harmonic break is no doubt going to raise some goosebumps but the smooth energy bridge into a third act of organic percussion and meditative pulses steals the show for me. A superb and well rounded selection of music from Weird Sounding Dude and props to Juicebox Music for giving him a great platform to showcase it. Now he embarks on a three date tour in support of the release, hitting Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2pQcEpe

Release Date: 02-04-2017

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