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Ran Salman – Utopia [Radikon]

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Catalog number 33 proudly welcomes Tel Aviv's Ran Salman to the Radikon Family. The veteran Israeli live act and producer makes a strong entrance with his powerfully energetic 3-track 'Utopia EP'

'Utopia' launches off first and quickly sets the pace with rapid-fire percussive synths and staccatos and a strong progressive bassline. Skillfully layered dark pads and highly infectious vocal chops lend an ethereal quality to this precision package of dancefloor ordnance.

Next up is 'Clarity', where the pace slows down and organic, natural sounds sweeten and soften the vibe, evoking the fiery sunset of a distant blue horizon. A dramatic lead cuts through the sky and hopeful arpeggios soar like a brilliant cluster into the newborn night.

Finally, 'Delusion' closes the package with a hypnotizing bassline wrapped around crystal-clear drums and tight percussion, which gradually give way to an expanding lead that grows ever larger, flanked by rich harmonies that will transport consciousness far and away.

'Utopia EP' is a strong showing for Ran Salman, delivering rock-solid grooves and plenty of emotion to inspire and move you on the dancefloor and beyond.

Buy: bit.ly/3eHpoHX
Release Date: 30-07-2021



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