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Nays – Adora EP [Polyptych]

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Polyptych rounds out the month of July by welcoming Nays to the label for his debut EP. Based in France and drawing on inspirations from both British and French electronic pioneers, Nays has crafted a sound that is all his own. Utilizing analog and digital processes, the Parisian artist melds emotive melodies with timeless groove constructions for an end result that sits in the creative space between house and techno. Following a contribution to the Mercurial Tones 'Resonate' collection to begin the year, Nays has since landed an EP and single for TRIP and Emotions Clubshine Records respectively. Now continuing on an upward trajectory, the French artist makes his Polyptych debut with a two track showcase entitled 'Adora'.

With a fresh blend of character rich design and captivating melodic themes, it is the title track which leads the release off. A shape-shifting groove and driving percussion anchors the journey at the outset, perfectly setting the stage for fluttery melodic concepts to work their magic across the first act. Timeless in execution, the track's simplicity is it's strongest suit, marrying warm phrasing with the main musical theme for heartfelt moments during the main break, before giving way to a reflective finale.

The companion piece ‘Red Flower’ follows a similar sonic ethos to its predecessor and resonates on an equally impressive level. Nays layers rolling rhythmic structures with percussive waves and otherworldly effects for a six minute journey that is both mentally and emotionally stimulating. Warm chord changes and subtle modular shifts keep your senses on high alert, as the main break melts down to a purring final act. It’s a unique and highly engaging storyboard, one which resonates on a deeper level where the subtleties command your attention and make for a mezmerizing conclusion. It rounds out two excellent productions from Nays, who delivers his finest work to date, making for a superb Polytytch debut. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3zQCQkP

Release Date: 30-07-2021

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