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Moritz Hofbauer – Time Of My Life (Cherry (UA) Remix) [Fckng Serious]

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Moritz Hofbauer, the talented artist signed to Fckng Serious, is currently experiencing an extraordinary rise in his career. He captivates audiences with his live performances, impresses at renowned festivals, and consistently releases a large number of songs. Moritz's musical journey is thriving, showcasing his undeniable talent. The preparations for his highly anticipated debut album are in full swing, and with each new single he unveils, Moritz offers us a glimpse into his musical project for the year.

For his upcoming single, "Time Of My Life," the Mannheim-based artist has enlisted the support of renowned collaborators. Santé and Cherry (UA) have crafted exceptional remixes for "Time Of My Life." Santé, a standout musician, was deeply inspired by the song, resulting in the creation of two distinct remixes. Both remixes were so compelling that we promptly made the decision to release them both. But the excitement doesn't end there! The talented newcomer, Cherry (UA), contributes an additional remix to "Time Of My Life," a track that will undoubtedly find its way into the playlists of numerous clubs, festivals, and open-air events.

The original song features a lovely piano melody accompanied by sweet female vocals during the breakdown. The rhythm is driven by a forward rolling 16th bassline, creating a captivating groove. Playful Kalimba sounds interact with a prominent synth lead, engaging in an answer/response dynamic. Lastly, in a stunning finale, the Kalimba takes over the piano melody, delivering a powerful and memorable conclusion to the track.

We eagerly await the release of Moritz Hofbauer's next single, which will be available worldwide at the end of July. In the meantime, we extend our sincere appreciation to Santé and Cherry (UA) for their exceptional remixes, which have added an extra dimension of creativity and excitement to "Time Of My Life“. Stay tuned!

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Release Date: 28-07-2023



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