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Matias Carafa – Serenidad [Movement Recordings]

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Tash's Movement Recordings closes out the spring season by welcoming Matias Carafa to the label for a new EP. Hailing from Argentina, Matias Carafa has been a fixture of the progressive house underground for the better part of a decade. The Rosario resident's melodic sound would find its way onto established imprints such as 3rd Avenue, Endless, Just Movement and Massive Harmony, while earning the praise of some of the genre's top tastemakers. Movement Recordings has also been a landing spot for Matias, with his label debut coming last year in the form of a well-received three-track showcase entitled 'Mercury Rising'. With 2024 being highlighted by a project for Proton's Particles, a release co-produced with Jonatan Ramonda, Matias now makes a welcome return to Movement with 'Serenidad', alongside a remix from Kenan Savrun.

Beginning with the title selection Matias continues his progressive minded ways with a production that's equally at home on the dancefloor or a late night listening session. Full of mystical qualities, the Rosario resident smoothly blends warm kick drums and fluid grooves with soulful synth motifs and clattering percussive arrangements, resulting in an energetic yet magical vibe across the first act. Looking to bring a greater sense of emotion during the break, it's a panoramic trail of keys that gets lost in warm bass swells and percolating effects, before a slow-burning build smoothly segues into a finale that is equal parts percussive and melodic.

Moving forward to 'Reflexiones', Matias maintains an emotive vibe that conjures up bucolic imagery. Booming yet dreamy, its smooth cruising cadence instantly commands your attention, through snatches of flashing percussion, poignant chord stabs and phasing atmospherics. Clustered melodies provide a bridge into the main break, adding further depth and emotion, eventually melting down into a set of flickering synth mutations, before a warm pulsating drop provides a magical path into a heartrending finale.

Rounding out the three originals are the mesmerizing sounds of 'Despierta'. Looking to bring greater depth to the collection, Matias flexes yet another side of his studio repertoire here, with a driving hypnotic mood that feels perfectly dialed for mid-set play. Cascading synth motifs and prophetic overlays carry an otherworldly vibe atop chugging grooves and snatches of percussion, while a tension-filled break projects an arcane mood onto a meditative conclusion.

The release concludes with Kenan Savrun returning to the label for the lone interpretation of 'Despierta'. Hailing from Ankara, the Turkish artist has a long history as a DJ dating back over two decades, having shared the booth with Alex Niggemann, Eli & Fur, Victor Ruiz and Oliver Huntemann. Upon releasing his first productions in September of 2018, Kenan has since gone on to showcase his music via highly regarded imprints such as Global Underground, Juicebox Music, Mango Alley, RKP and Univack, amongst others. Movement Recordings has also been a frequent landing spot for Kenan, with 2020 marking his label debut with a remix of 'Anthrax' by Gabriel Amato, a release which would lead to his 'Luminosity' EP later that same year. Now, fresh off his latest Univack vehicle 'Metanoia', Kenan makes a welcome return to Movement with a stylish take on 'Despierta'. Drawing on the sensibilities of the original, the Turkish artist reworks the foundation with punchier kicks and chunkier grooves. Resonating perfectly against a wall of effervescent electronics are woody stabs and billowing key changes, striking at opportune moments, while perfectly married with sweeping effects and grandiose synths, creating a contrast of colour and musicality which pushes onwards to a grooved out conclusion.

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Release Date: 07-06-2023

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