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Marc DePulse Feat. John M – Memories (Citizen Kain Remix) [Lost on You]

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Marc De Pulse delivers a Melodic House & Techno EP ‘Memories’ featuring remixes by Citizen Kain and Rafael Cerato. The two originals by Marc DePulse feature soothing and atmospheric vocals by vocalist John M. The namesake single of the EP, ‘Memories’ features a minimalistic production with a driving bassline, hard-hitting kick, and uplifting melodic elements. The buildup of ‘Memories’ will get any listener electrified and hyped for the strong drop. The second single ‘Tired of You’ delivers a heavy melodic presence with sci-fi-like effects. The track contains a heavy bassline that gives the vocal a dark and intimate feeling. Both tracks are engaging, as the production in each one evolves and becomes bigger, and better. Citizen Kain’s takes on Memories by giving it a darker warehouse techno vibe. While Rafael Cerato’s take on ‘Tired of You’ features a more melodic, summer feeling production.

Buy: bit.ly/2YvfqlK
Release Date: 22-05-2020



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