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Jesuan M – Last Words [Or Two Strangers]

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Presenting their final release of the year, Antrim’s Or Two Strangers welcomes Jesuan M back to the label for a new EP. Hailing from Argentina, Jesuan M has continued to rise since first emerging in 2019. Forging a bond with Or Two Strangers early in his production journey, Jesuan made his label debut in 2020 with a contribution to the label’s popular ‘Strangers 2’ collection, a track co-produced with Andres Moris which saw play from Hernan Cattaneo. Also, a regular on label affiliate Strangers Beats, Jesuan would once again pair with fellow countryman Andres Moris for the 2021 offering ‘Blooming Memories’, before going on to release what would have to be considered his best work to date in ‘Midnight Thoughts’, a two-track showcase which landed on Or Two Strangers last year. Now, as 2022 winds to a close Jesuan makes a much-anticipated return to the label with ‘Last Words’.

Beginning with the quirky hooks and powerful drive of ‘Last Words’, Jesuan flexes his free-thinking muscles with a creation equally at home on a peak time dance floor or floating above a festival skyline. Its tough, rolling groove commands a big presence from the outset, adorned with fiery percussion and electric pulses which drive momentum forward. Cosmic effects and a hip-swinging arp steal the air across the first act, building anticipation towards a dynamic break and suitably euphoric finale.

The companion piece ‘With You’ continues the progressive tone set by its predecessor and ultimately lands with an equally impressive display of craftsmanship. Possessing a dramatic undercurrent, the Argentine works hypnotizing percussion over chugging grooves and fragmented melodies, creating waves of ultrasonic energy across the first act. Its thrilling pulse builds during a dramatic break, where emotive bass swells prelude a thunderous drop and colourful melodic conclusion. An epic end to a fresh two-track showcase, one where Jesuan carefully balances rhythm and groove with technique and musicality.

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Release Date: 16-12-2022

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