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George Ledakis – Accalia feat. Chumani [Dopamine White]

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The latest release from Nikko.Z's Dopamine White welcomes George Ledakis back to the label for his debut single. First appearing on the progressive music scene in 2016 with a release on 238W, the Greek artist went on to greater successes in the coming years. Just Movement and Movement Recordings became landing spots for George's timeless sound, while more recently he has found a home on Another Life Music and Inner Shah Recordings. Having made his Dopamine White debut in May of this year with a remix of Mad' by Lobor D, George now returns for a new single entitled Accalia', alongside remixes from KYOTTO and Maetim.

Sitting comfortably in cross genre territory George crafts a modern framework complete with buzzing rhythms and perfectly manicured percussion. Diversifying his portfolio further, George's masterstroke here is to collaborate and introduce the sublime vocals of Chumani. Cross-cultural wails come in waves, creating a soulful canopy atop crisp beats and striking electronics. Opening further across the main break, Chumani's vocal is utilized to perfection, rising gently against a backdrop of percussive flurries as the groove drops for a heady finale.

The first interpretation of Accalia' is provided by KYOTTO who returns to the label for his fourth appearance. Tipped as one of progressive music's top newcomers, the Sri Lankan artist has found a comfortable home on the Greek imprint. The 2020 release of his I Am Back' EP marked his label debut which was shortly followed by a remix of Marcelo Vasami's Destiny' later that same year. Now following projects for 3rd Avenue, Mango Alley and PHW Elements, KYOTTO returns to Dopamine White with a groovy take on Accalia'. Setting the piece in motion, a foundation of warm beats, rolling swells and subterranean bass converge for a wall of momentous energy. Processed pianos add a newfound melodic theme as the first act evolves, sparsely dancing atop the shapely groove and eventually melting down into a tense yet emotive break. Spanning nearly two minutes in length, the centrepiece reveals an indistinct take on the vocal, effortlessly marrying granular swells and reaching a spiritual apex as the beats drop for a tastefully musical finale.

The release concludes with Maetim making his label debut and providing the second and final interpretation of Accalia'. Born in Mauritius and now based in France, Maetim's deep grooves and mesmerizing harmonies have found a home on Inner Shah Recordings and Uxoa Dutxa Elite. Continuing to add to his meticulous discography, Meatim now debuts on Dopamine White with a nostalgic take on Accalia'. Chumani's vocals breathe beautifully over top a cavernous framework, complete with rolling percussion and spacious bass stabs, eventually leading to a section of cosmic effects. Symphonic and heartfelt, a tantalizing break sits at the core of the piece, laced with percussive flurries and elastic-like designs, it's tactful build is sure to grab the attention of your dance floor, while a dubby finale keeps things on the right side of cool. An inspired remix from Maetim which caps off another excellent offering from Nikko.Z's Dopamine White.

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Release Date: 30-07-2021

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