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FMENEZS – Appear Sun [Stellar Fountain]

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FMENEZS makes his Stellar Fountain debut in a big way with a new EP alongside remixes from Subandrio and Mir Omar. Having appeared on label affiliate Astrowave once previously along with Dynamica and Transensations Records, the Brazilian artist is quickly making his mark on the progressive house underground. Now stepping up for his biggest and most anticipated release to date, FMENEZS debuts on Stellar Fountain with 'Appear Sun'.

There's always been an interesting sonic quality in FMENEZS' music and it holds true here once again. Beginning with the title track, the Brazilian artist explores spacey organics with a great sense of rhythm of groove. Frayed percussion, cascading motifs and gaseous atmospheres make for a character rich narrative. The break is quite unique in that under a sense of calm there's a subtle angst which seems to sizzle, however delicate it may be there's something quite profound as it perfectly segues into a sensory flooded finale. The companion piece 'Compact Sky' follows a similar sonic ethos but creativity is much more esoteric. Quirky synth motifs and a bulbous low end grab your attention across the first act but it's the waning tonal themes and timeless electronics in the break which deliver the most magic, making for another unique and inspired track from FMENEZS.

Subandrio has remained one of progressive music's most beloved artists for quite some time. The Sri Lankan native continues to be a favourite of the genre's premier tastemakers, most notably Hernan Cattaneo. His unique design profile and rhythmic drive lend themselves well to the themes of 'Appear Sun', making him a very astute remixer choice. The effervescent energy also translates really well but with much more of a contemporary dance floor appeal. Add to that a reflective yet cosmic break and you've got a heady nine minute journey that's primed for a bevy of great dance floor moments.

The release concludes with Mir Omar making his label debut following a well received single for UV. In relatively short order, the New York resident has carved out a unique place in the progressive house landscape. His emotive creations have already earned the praise of Herman Cattaneo and landed him releases on Sound Avenue, Stripped Digital, Yang, Solarstone’s Pure Progressive imprint and John O’Callaghan’s Subculture. Now making his Stellar Fountain debut he rounds the release out with a great interpretation of 'Appear Sun'. The chunky, well sculpted groove immediately grabs your attention, quite fluid and free flowing it anchors those hazy melodic concepts incredibly well. As the piece shifts into the break, Mir ups anticipation just a touch with percussive waves and a wall of shimmering sonics, before completely melting down to a gentle sizzle, making the tasteful drop all the more impactful. Lovely work from Omar who much like Stellar Fountain continues to have a great year, perhaps presenting one of the most satisfying remixes of his career. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2LBxmVu

Release Date: 08-07-2019

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