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Dynacom – Asgard | Freya [Auditen Music]

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Dynacom returns to his Auditen Music imprint with a new two track artist EP. The Argentinean artist is fresh off a remix (alongside Bodai) for DJ Paul c/o of the duo's deeper AMITABHA imprint. Now presenting his first original project since the release of his 'Experimental Feelings', Pt.1 EP in March, the Buenos Aires resident returns to Auditen with 'Asgard | Freya'.

Dynacom is one of those artists who has already developed a unique sonic profile in his music. There's something dark and edgy in almost everything he does but with a certain character and cadence that is unique to him. 'Asgard' further explores that with a devilish flair, particularly across a hugely rhythmic first act where you enter a field of percussive details, haunting effects and mountainous bass. Offsetting this however is a trippy break where spiralling motifs create a unique resonance before smoothly shifting energy into a mammoth drop. The feel and scope of this is huge and most likely one Dynacom's biggest creations to date.

The companion piece 'Freya' comes in just a touch deeper but with the same unique character and drive. The harmonic storyboard is quite captivating, developing beautifully across the first act as bulbous bass tones and a healthy complement of drums deliver rhythm and groove. The break takes things a step further with a soulful vocal motif and fresh electronics converging for moments of sonic integrity. The bass line then begins to roll, building tension towards another powerful drop and exhilarating finale. Dynacom continues to impress with each successive outing and 'Asgard' and 'Freya' no doubt sit as some of his finest work to date.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2YIor8o

Release Date: 15-07-2019

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