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Blanka Barbara – Ever Closer [roku]

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Presenting their third release of the year, roku welcomes Blanka Barbara to the label for her debut EP. Born in Poland but now based in London, Blanka Barbara first emerged in 2020 with a series of releases via her Rabbit Records imprint. Quickly catching the attention of the progressive house and melodic techno communities, the next two years would see the classically trained pianist and composer go on to record projects for Lane 8's This Never Happened, Ziger's Eat My Hat Music, John OO Fleming's Joof Aura, Mango Alley and Proton's Particles. With 2023 projects for Juicebox Music and Balkan Connection already in the books, Blanka now adds roku to her resume with 'Ever Closer', alongside remixes from Danny Lloyd and Bondarev.

Destined to be a highlight in Blanka's discography, it is the melodic stylings of 'Ever Closer' which get the release underway. Electrically charged from the outset, its rolling rhythmic structures, striking percussion and character rich groove set the piece on a course for aural enlightenment. Dark bass stabs and haunting overlays cleverly coax across the first act, elevating momentum and mood for a finale of colourful arps and hopeful sonics. The companion piece 'Descending Into Heaven' finds Blanka showcasing a deeper, more emotive side of her repertoire. The London resident masterfully marries blissful sonics and balmy effects over a framework of warm fluid grooves and precise percussive arrangements. Sitting at the heart of the piece is a reflective interlude, one where hopeful melodies unite in a whirlpool of textural euphoria, perfectly suited for those magical morning moments on the dancefloor.

Making his label debut with the lone interpretation of 'Ever Closer' is Danny Lloyd. With a career that spans the better part of two decades, Italian artist Danny Lloyd has etched his own unique place in progressive music history. Long a favourite of Hernan Cattaneo, the Tuscany resident has taken his smooth effortless sound to long standing imprints Asymmetric Recordings, MNL, Movement, Proton Music and more. Known for being choosy in his projects, Danny's first production of 2023 finds the Italian artist making his roku debut with a hypnotic rendition of 'Ever Closer'. Opting for a timeless approach, the Italian artist creates a distinctive interpretation in his inimitable style; with arpeggiated fragments and airy sonics uniting over a bed of thumping beats and pulsing basslines, casting a spell over the listener across a fluid first movement, before breaking out into a tastefully restrained and deeply meditative finale.

The release concludes with Bondarev making his label debut with the lone interpretation of 'Descending Into Heaven'. Russian artist Bondarev has been a DJ for the better part of two decades, sharing the stage with some of progressive music's most iconic names, while operating as the booking manager for Saint Petersburg's famed WARPP Club. As a producer, Bondarev first emerged in 2017 with a release via Crossings, a project which would lead to key discography credits courtesy of aboriginal, Mango Alley, Proton's Particles and most recently via WARPP's label, where he operates as the AandR. Now, presenting his first remix of 2023, Bondarev debuts on roku with a powerful take on 'Descending Into Heaven'. Buoyant and energetic across the first movement, Bondarev continues his stylized ways with rippling grooves, flashing percussion and dark stabs creating a prophetic path into the main break. Sitting comfortably in an emotive yet thought provoking space; childlike motifs and sweeping harmonies converge, rising out of calming atmospheres as the interlude evolves, eventually giving way to a thunderous drop and energetic final movement.

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Release Date: 01-09-2023

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