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Arthesia vs DalNulla – Reaction [Eat My Hat Music]

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Ziger's Eat My Hat Music returns welcoming Arthesia vs DalNulla to the label for their debut single 'Reaction'. Hailing from Italy, Arturo Mazzia and Alberto Chiappo make up the Arthesia vs DalNulla duo and although early in their electronic music journey have already landed releases on Alter Ego Progressive, Azure Recordings and M.I.K.E. Push Studio. Now their amalgamation of progressive house and trance finds its way to Eat My Hat alongside a remix from Celene.

Beginning with the original mix Arthesia vs DalNulla continue to explore darker, peak time sensibilities with great success. Energetic and crunchy from the outset, tough beats and perfectly contoured bass unite for a powerful foundation. Dramatic pulses, tense arps and haunting vocal loops add sizable momentum leading into the main break. Short yet impactful, the centrepiece builds anticipation mightily through waves of noise and panning effects, ultimately leading to an energy bridge and fiery final act. The duo have also included a dub for less vocally inclined DJs out there.

The lone interpretation of 'Reaction' is provided by Celene aka Chris Alex who returns to the label for his second appearance. The Greek artist got his production career underway with his Eat My Hat debut in March of this year. Comprised of two tracks, the 'Fantastic Creatures' EP ultimately set the course for what promised to be an incredible first year for Chris. Now returning to Eat My Hat for his first remix that strong momentum continues. Sitting as an ideal complement to the original, it's stripped yet muscular groove is complemented with sinister stabs, ethereal synth fragments and a vortex of processed vocals. It's a unique contrast and one which peaks during an intense break and sizzling finale. A powerful remix from Celene which rounds out a hugely successful Eat My Hate debut for Arthesia vs DalNulla.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3eikP4D

Release Date: 22-06-2020

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