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Adrian Pricope & Allen Constantine – The Album Part 3 [Deepwibe Underground]

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The third and final part of Adrian Pricope and Allen Constantine's album project arrives alongside four fresh remixes. Released earlier this month, Parts 1 and 2 were well received, earning support from a broad range of electronic music luminaries, while featuring remixes from some of the underground's freshest talent in Monograph, Montw, Ewan Rill, A SKITZO,Division One, False Intentions, Teleport-X and Darrel Novellino. Now capping off this epic trio of releases is two more originals alongside remixes from Volkan Erman, Christian Monique, Ge Bruny and Fazlen.

The musicality displayed across the first two parts can't be overstated. It was a joy to listen to and Part 3 continues that sentiment beginning with 'After Last Night'. It's deep, sultry vibes set the perfect mood for the release with swoon worthy themes and thought provoking design. Although relatively indistinct at first, a looping vocal rises to prominence during the break, perfectly setting up a soulful string section to round out the piece. 'Forbidden Sense' more than follows suit with it's wistful qualities and astute story-boarding. A touch spacey yet not at the expense of soul and emotion, it's a delicate creation that resonates strongly as it's tasteful piano's continue to blossom amidst a back drop of heavenly overlays and wispy atmospherics. Incredibly refreshing music.

The remixes once again do a remarkable job and harassing that emotion energy and bringing it to closer to a main room dance floor. Christian Monique has more than made his mark this year with key releases on Balkan Connection South America, Deepersense Music and Specific Music. Now landing on Deepwibe Underground for the first time Christian delivers a gorgeous rendition of 'After Last Night'. Smooth, percussive and blissful across it's eight minute running time, the Italian artist stays true to the mood of the original, while enhancing it's overall groove and cadence. Definitely one to bring magic to any dance floor and perhaps best suited to one of those memorable morning moments. Meanwhile, Deepwibe Underground artist Fazlen brings a slightly chunkier feel on the low end while the glowing themes resonate over the top quite nicely. Free flowing in nature, the vocals play a key role in enhancing it's bulbous rhythms through two well crafted breaks before ultimately resetting for an emotive finale.

Also making waves this year has been Ge Bruny who provides the first interpretation of 'Forbidden Sense'. The Brazilian born, Portugal based artist adds a tougher, peak time sensibility with rugged beats, electric lines and fiery percussion. A short but intense first act perfectly preludes a very well crafted break. Piercing synths and a growling low end build tension before waves of percussion and a sheet of white noise unleashes the colossal groove for what should be a massive moment on the dance floor. The release concludes with progressive scene veteran Volkan Erman who also provides a rousing take on 'Forbidden Sense'. Coming in at a concise six minutes, the Turkish born, Italy based artist crafts a smooth, effortless narrative with fragmented elements from the original along with some sleek, aquatic design. There's a lovely harmonic disposition about this that evokes emotion on a very profound level, something deeply rooted at the core of piece, eventually opening up during the main break for a cinematic like moment. A gorgeous remix from Volkan and one which has a reflective tone, perfectly suited to anchoring what has been an amazing three part journey if you will. An ambitious project from Deepwibe Underground, and one which they've pulled off incredibly well. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2JbXkuq

Release Date: 22-07-2019

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